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Monday, July 18, 2011


Hello everybody. We are currently on hiatus. And by hiatus, I mean Thunder has placed a restraining order on me. Although I guess it's okay because it seems like a lot of people I am subscribed to are taking a break for summer so I suppose it's fine. I should film some stuff for this video that I have been planning for a while with my buddy Greg tomorrow. And I will invite Andreus to see Captain America with me and hopefully we can make a video for that. And maybe film a couple other minor things. So after the break, I plan on making a little more videos. I will pay my cast members 10 bucks per video they are in. And there maay be a chance that Andreus will be going to a school much closer to my house than his so he might stay with me often. Anyway, I haven't done much video wise. I wrote a couple things but besides that I don't have much to report on. Have a great summer everybody! I'm pretty ignorant when it comes to this, but I believe in many places it is winter. I'm thinking it is winter in Australia now but CommunityChannel hasn't made a video all summer. So... Happy Whatever Time It Is For You!

- Pyros

Sunday, May 8, 2011

The Origin of Coco

In square parenthesis means not in script.
Coco: People often ask me, "Coco, how did you become a shih tzu? People just don't transform into dogs for no reason." That is true. So I will reveal to you, The Origin of Coco.

Title credit.

The year was 2002. [Picture slideshow]I was running for the Governor of California. I was inpentrable, nobody stop could me, except for one man.
[Flashback phone call]Sly: Sylvester Stallone here, ya know.
Bush: Hey Sylvester, this is commander and chef George W. Bush.
Sly: Oh hey Mr. President, how ya doin'.
Bush: I'm doing good, thanks for askin'. Hey, I don't know if you know this but Arnold Schartzenegger is running for office.
Sly: Oh yeah, I think I heard about that, ya know.
Bush: Yeah, but the man has gone mad with power and I figured if anybody could take him down it'd be you. Or George Clooney but... Clooney and I don't mix.
Sly: Sure I'll help you, ya know.
Bush: Great, great. So what's the plan.
Sly: Oh, well I'm gonna use my cafibulator on him, ya know.
Bush: Cafibulator, anything with ator at the end sounds awesome. Besides Terminator of course, that guys a dick, that's why I want him gone. So what's the cafibulator?
Sly: Oh it's an invention I made, it turns people into puppies.
Bush: It turns people into puppies?
Sly: Yeah, he can't run for office if he's a puppy, puppies can't be politicians ya know.
Bush: It seems to good be true, what do you want in return?
Sly: The year was 1999 ya know.

Sly: Hey Arnie, good to meet you ya know, how are you man?
Arnold: Good.
Sly: So I wrote this script, it has all the action stars ya know. It's got me, Dolph, Bruce Willis, everybody. It's called The Expendables you wanna be in it?
Arnold: Fuck you, ass hole.
Sly: I hope you know this means war ya know.
(End Flashback)

Sly: So there you have it, if Arnold would of just been in my movie, it would have been made ya know. And then I wouldn't of been in Judge Dredd and Rocky V ya know.
Bush: Ya, those were terrible. Okay so let's turn Arnold into a puppy, get him out of the picture. Then my men will build an android replacement of him to do our political bidding and he can also be in your movie.
Sly: Sounds good, ya know.

[End flashback]Coco: There you have it, my tale of woe. Everybody got what they wished for, besides me. I never wished to be a shih tzu. But don't you worry, I will get my revenge. (EVIL LAUGH)

Script over. This one have been made completely by me. I would have played BBush through live action and it would have been a picture with a movie mouth for Stallone (I would have done his voice). This one have been a website exclusive that would have accompanied a Coco Review. The reason why this never happened is because Coco died.

So Bunny 2 commentary/behind the scenes will be released Tuesday and Things That Hurt #13 should happen soon but besides that we're pretty much on hold video wise. Only because we're preparing for a larger slew of videos, so it's not really because we just feel like taking a break. I need to take a break from real life and make videos. I want to do Let's Play videos soon, the reason I bring it up is because I made a seperate blogger page for games commentaries and it was deleted for spam around 5 minutes after it's creation. No idea why. I don't plan on doing them too soon, I was just getting a head start. Which is why the Cool as Ice commentaries are off the main page.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Super Mario Trip (script)

Moving view of the sky as the beginning credits start and "Because I Got High" by Afroman plays. Camera pans to a house.
Cut to Pee-Wee Herman inside of the house smoking a blue substance.
A voice: Hi Pee-Wee!
Pee-Wee: Hi Mister Window! Haha!
The Window: What are you gonna do today Pee-Wee?
Pee-Wee: Hmm.. Gee, I don't know. *doorbell rings" Who can that be? Haha!
Pee-Wee runs to the door. He opens it.
Pee-Wee: It's Mario and Luigi!
Mario: Hello!
Luigi: Hello!
Pee-Wee: What can I do for you?
Mario: We need shrooms!
Luigi: Yes.
Pee-Wee: Well come on in, haha.
The three walk in to the drug room.
Pee-Wee: Do you want to talk to my magic cross-dressing genie?
Mario: No, no, we want to be big!
Luigi: Want to fight a dragon!
Pee-Wee: Good choice! Haha!
Cut to the beginning of a "Penny" short.
Cut back with Pee-Wee passed out on his floor with Mario poking him with a stick.
Luigi: Will he be okay?
Mario: Yeah, he'll be fine.. I think.
Luigi: Mario.
Mario: Hmm?
Luigi nods to a bag of shrooms.
Mario quickly looks around and then quikly snatches the bag and runs off with Luigi.

Cut to a park where Mario and Luigi are both holding a miniture green pipe.
Mario: On a count of three, 1.. 2.. *puff*
We see them as 8-bit characters in level 1-1 Super Mario Bros. adventuring.
Then we see them back in reality high out of their mind making an ass out of themself. Including Luigi saying to a "Toad", "No, YOU'RE in a another castle."
We then see 8-bit Mario and Luigi adventuring in a water filled level.
Then we see real Bros. making an ass out of themself in a water fountain.
8-bit Mario in a Bowser's Castle: Okay I'm going pwn this level, beat the fire dragon and save the princess. Let's ago!
Mario dies.
Mario: Son of a beacha.
Mario starts again.
Live action; a child is walking by playing a Nintendo DS.
Kid: Hey Mario! You're on my game!
Mario: Bowser ajunior! I will murder you to deatha!
We see New Super Mario Bros. Mario fighting Bowser Jr,
Then we see Mario harassing the child who is now calling for help.
New SMB fight is going on now and Bowser shows.
Mario: Letsa fight Bowser, I will rip off your ballsa!
Live-action with the boys father tries to pry Mario off his child.
Mario: I willa save you princessa!
Jeffy: Me? A princess? I'm... I'm flattered.
The dad continues to wrestle with Mario who ends up punching him in the face to the ground.
The dad and son walk away.
Mario slightly gets up.
Mario: Did I win?
Mario stands up and stretches, he looks behind him.
Mario: Pee-Wee?
Pee-Wee: Hi Mario!
Mario: What do you want?
Pee-Wee: You took my merchandise with out paying. *pulls out shotgun* You're gonna die mother f#cker, haha!
Pee-Wee takes a couple of shots at Mario, all which Mario jump dodges.
Mario: There's a distraction behind you!
Pee-Wee: Where?
Mario takes Pee-Wee's shotgun and punches him in the face. He then continues to G-Stomp him into a bloody pulp.
Mario: Oh no! Oh no!
Mario drags Pee-Wee to a lake which he throws him in.
Camera pans to Mario's face.
Mario: (Sigh) Well thata was a funa adventure wasn't it kids! I learned alot today, whata did you learn today Luigi?
Mario looks around.
Mario: Luigi?
Camera shots to Luigi still at the fountain, laying head first.
Credits with The Super Mario Rap.

Friday, May 6, 2011

I'm in a Cage

I'm doing my explanation of this one in the beginning. This is a parody of I'm on a Boat by The Lonely Island. Check that out here. The slashes at the end of sentences means we would come with a rhyme on the spot. It didn't happen because we lost contact with Jeffy. So here's the script :)

(Jeffy) Aww s--t
Get yo pillows ready it's about to go down
Everybody in the place hit the f--kin deck
But stay on your motherf--kin knees
I'm runnin this, let's go

I'm in a cage
I'm in a cage
Everybody look at me cause I'm locked inside a cage
I'm in a cage
I'm in a cage
Take a good hard look at the motherf--kin cage

I'm in a cage motherf--ker take a look at me
Straight stuck in a kennel that smells like pee

Whether I'm rapping on the Tube or I'm on the stage
You can't stop me motherf--ker cause I'm in a cage

Take a picture, Rick (Rick) I'm in a cage b--ch (bitch)
I've received so many infections that make me itch (itch)
I got my swim trunks, and my flippie-floppies/
I'm flippin burgers, you at Kinko's straight flippin copies/

F--k the outdoors, I'm in a cage, motherf--ker
F--k freedom, I'm holdin bars, motherf--ker
I'm in prisonment with these flese, motherf--ker
I've been prayin' on my knees, motherf--ker

My future lookin' really bleak (really bleak)
I haven't been fed in a weak (in a weak)
Gonna take this cage off a cliff somehow (cliff somehow)
Like Kevin Garnett, anything is possible/

I'm in a cage
I'm in a cage
Everybody pity me cause I can't get outta this cage
I'm in a cage
I'm in a cage
Take a good hard look at the motherf--kin cage

Jeffy, Jeffy
Yeah yeah yeahhh
Pyros: Hey, why are you out of your cage?
Jeffy: *Looks at camera* Shhh.. *winks*
Thunder: Hey! I told you you're not aloud to wink at cameras! Now go back in you're cage and hit yourself!
Jeffy: Okay... *gets in side of cage, winks at camera*
Thunder: Hey!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Freddy and Yoda Movie Trailer

In 2007, two movie icons met.
Shot from the back of Freddy at a urenal. Yoda comes in and uses the urinal next to Freddy. Freddy looks at Yoda's stuff and gives him a thumbs up.
In 2008, the world refell in love with these icons.
Humping Bag: Any clip
In 2009, we thought to have lost them
Freddy and Yoda DIE: Freddy and Yoda's corpses. Stu.
We were wrong.
Reborn: Stu being jumped. Freddy and Yoda G-Stomping.
Now in 2011.
Duel of the Fates plays
From the creators of Freddy and Yoda Rub Their Sweet Buttery Nippos
Freddy's hand sticks out, then Yoda's on top of it, then Oscar the Grouch's.
Freddy scared of birthday cake candles.
Yoda and Stu sissy fighting.
Freddy and Yoda are humping a washing machine.
Marketing Plugs
Yoda drinks some Pepsi and then looks at the camera and gives a thumbs up.
Freddy and Yoda:
The Movie

Coming Soon
(not really)

Okay script over. We were planning to do this for a while and all of a sudden Andreus said he didn't want to do it. At first I was like "Whah?" but soon after I didn't care. He said it was because he thought people would think it was a real trailer or that we shouldn't have a trailer and not a full movie. I'm sure that's not his real excuse but whatever, I think it's good that Freddy and Yoda are taking a break. It was that I didn't have an entry yesterday. That's wheird. I'll have one on Sunday to make up for it. I like to pretend that people are reading these and care okay!?!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Haunting on Colorado" remake (Script)

First I should mention that "Exc" stand for "Executive Producer". Anywho..
Shows a camera that Thunder is holding, zooms out a little.
Andeus: And... action.
Door slams open.
Exc: Not so fast!
The executive producer walks in.
Freeze frame with "Teh Prudooser" tagline under him. (The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly song intro plays)
Exc: I've got an announcement to make.
Dallas: What is it? We're kind of in the middle of something.
Exc: Well first of all, I just want to say you guys are doing great. The cast and script are complete, you guys are about to begin filming, everythings perfect... Let's scrap this and do a reboot.
Andreus: Reboot, what's that?
Freze frame (at worst facial position possible).
Narrator: Reboot; The rewriting of a series storyline that discards all previous continuity. noun.
Exc: Yeah, what he said. Ya see, the Batman reboot did well, so now ALL movies need to be rebooted. And this series needs to appeal to a hipper, younger audience.
Preston: And.. what do you suggest?
Exc slowly gains a smug grin.

This Preview has been approved for All Audiences
Family Matters House Exterior Playing Rap Background Music
Andreus (representing a Jonas Brother): Oh my gosh, I can't think of another video to make.
Dallas (representing Fred): Oh my god! Oh my god! No Way!
*running up and down the street* I can't either! I can't either!
*in backyard throwing a hissing fight"
*normal positon* How about a ghost video?
*another cut of Dallas bugging Dulce*
*another cut* Ghosts are wierd.
*another cut* Dallas running up and down the street while screaming.
Andreus: That was necessary.
Preston (representing Robert Pattinson) (crying): *insert long depressing speech about how being a ghost is so painful here*
Dallas and Andreus: Oh nuts!

Kris (representing T-Pain/Lil Wayne is entering the house with colored lights and a smoke machine.
Kris (rapping): Yo, people let me tell you about my best FRIEND. He' a warm hearted person who will love me till me the END. Cause he's my best friend, a lollipop guild, and a don't stop, Bill shake it around. BOOM! Chillin' with Freddy who's now Jackie Earle Haley. I've got my nine-iron, you better respect, cuz if you don't I'll break your (beep)in neck. BOOM! (jibberish) BOOM! (jibberish) Showowtay.
Narrator: The Haunting in Colorado

Exc puts down script.
Exc: Alrighty, so.. you like it?
Thunder and Aaron have a horrified expression on there face (HiC2)
Credits start with More than a Feeling.
Exc: Wait, wait, wait. That songs kind of dated, let's put in something a little more hipper.
Credits appear with rap song (see bottom of page):
Half way through the Kris walks in and beats Exc several times with his golf club (HiC2)
Kris: You guys got a shovel?
Andreus and Dallas do a slow motion high five (HiC1)
Actual credits appear.
Shows several hours later Exc's corpse is where left off. Zoom in to his hand as it clutches. Dun dun dun. Kris walks in once again and continues to beat Exc.

"Hipper" song:
Mo dan a feelin. (Showtay.)
Mo dan a feelin. (Shake dat ass.)
Mo dan a feelin. (Showtay).
Mo dan a feelin. (A wiki wiki wiki wiki)
Mo dan a...

Okay script over. Since there is no video today, I decided to share a special script since I'm actually kind of proud of this one. It's pretty smart, IMO. So, Andreus recommended the title of this be simply "Reboot?" He's a fan of Ray William Johnson and it sounds to me Johnson-esque. I didn't title it that because my suggestions are always vastly superior. Just kidding, that's just what the script happened to be titled. So for Freddy and Yoda Christmas, I questioned it canonicity (is that a word?) This obviously isn't canon, because we recognize Haunting in Colorado as fiction. Don't know if you haven't seen the Time Sword thing on ThundersPyro. If not, I should be uploading it this week. But I consider in the same universe as that. Also, it lists us as "Andreus" and "Dallas" instead of "Thunder" and "Aaron". Greg was supposed to play the exec. Did I talk about him on here yet? Well he was supposed to be the Ghost Hunter originally and he has a main part in the "special video" I've been talking about. It was originally supposed to be The Producer and Batman but we scrapped it because we thought it would go over most people's heads. In the credits of Haunting in Colorado we list Batman as a producer. So this whole thing is a reference to the Spider-Man series getting rebooted, which caused some controversy in the comic community. But that came less and less irrelevant, as did most things we were satirizing. This description is long. It's like an actual blog. That's cool. It kind of, sort of, not really makes up for us not having a video. So the main reason why we didn't end up doing this, plus it was impossible to make. It is very difficult to get Greg for a video. It is difficult to get Kris to get a video. Getting both of them is impossible. At the end, they're in the same scene but we probably would have gone around that. Also, Dallas didn't seem to find the script funny. He was 12 at the time so I guess that's understandable. The after credits scene is the same as Bunny 2, we've been trying to have it in something for a while but we never got a chance. We'll probably talk about it in the Bunny 2 commentary, which should be out next Tuesday. If we don't talk about it, I'll edit it in after this entry. As a little update, I'm not sure about the future of our movie commentaries. I definitely want to do video game commentaries in the future. I don't know, I'll talk to Andreus about it this weekend. By the way, I promised myself I would do a review of everything I buy on my YouTube channel wwwyousuckdotcom, if you're interested.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Cocoa reviews Predator (Script)

My name is Cocoa and I am here to tell you about my latest movie Predators! You may be thinking "Cocoa, you weren't in this movie. Shitzus aren't in action movies. What are you talking about Willis?" That may be true, but before I was transformed into a shitzu with black magic, I was a sexy man, terrific actor and all around great guy, Ahnuld Schartzenegger! They replaced me with an android that all around ruined my image! Lunch Break! Nam nam nam nam. Nam nam nam nam. Nam nam nam nam. Nam nam nam nam. I feel better now!

Anywho, the story begins with Adrian Brody, who is good at fighting the Predators, but he ain't no Ahnuld.
Adrian: Get to the chopper. Now.
See? Except he kind of does a Christian Bale voice in this.
Adrian: Get to the chopper. Now.
Why do people keep imitating Christian Bale. I hate it when it's difficult to understalvowlow. This movie also stars Token Chick, Token Black Dude, Token Foreigner, Token Nerd, Token Douche, Token Asian, Token Mexican and Token Half Black Guy. Awesome. Play Break!. (Fight with Dulce).

Shut Up. I give this movie props for being unpredictable, I couldn't predict anything that was going to happen. Besides Token Douche dying, and most likely Token Black Guy. Even though I pissed that I wasn't in it, atleast they didn't put in a CG Ahnuld as an alternative. I was pretty entertained, so I'll rate this movie 8 out of 10 Ahnulds.

Nap Break! (Sleep) Thank you for watching my YouTube video! Until next time be coo coo for Cocoa reviews!
Director: That slogan sucks,
You suck!


Austa la vista.

Okay, script over. This isn't the most interesting script because it only includes me as an actor (besides the dogs of course). So the lines aren't to far from the script and it doesn't have any notes for the actors because I already know what I want. But maybe one day, someone will find it interesting, which is why I share it.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Freddy and Yoda Christmas (Unproduced Script)

Misirlou by Dick Dale
PyrosThunder Presents
A Film By Preston Barkles
A Freddy and Yoda Christmas
Thunder Simoneau
Preston Barkles
(Whoever plays Santa Claus)
and (whoever plays Predator)
Jungle Boogie by Kool & the Gang
Freddy Kreuger and A Nightmare on Elm Street franchise is created by Wes Craven; owned by New Line Cinema.
Yoda and the Star Wars franchise is owned by LucasFilm.
Predator is created by Jim and John Thomas; owned by 20th Century Fox
Pulp Fiction is created by Quentin Tarentino; owned by Miramax Films
Produced by Preston Barkles and Thunder Simoneau
Freddy and Yoda are shown driving while bobbing there heads to the music. They pull up in the drive way. They begin to have a big dance fest then they dance to the door.
Music Fades
They open the door but then they here some rucus going on and they fear there is a burgurlar in there home. Yoda pulls out his light saber and slowly walks to the room where the rucus is going on. There is a hefty man in red doing something under there Christmas tree. Yoda stabs the man in his back. Freddy walks in the room and makes a very suprised face. Yoda does a casual "What?" shrug. Freddy points at the corpse. It is revealed that the man was Santa Claus.
Yoda: Shit.
Freddy begins to dial the phone.
Exterior shot of Predator's home. We hear his phone ring.
Backshot of Predator in bath tub talking on the phone
Predator: Alright, give me principles name.
Beaker-like jibberish on the other end
Predator: Santa Claus. Hm, hm.
He writes down the name "Santa Claus" on notepad, that also has the words "One body" on it.
More jibberish.
Predator: Out of Skittles.
He writes "Out of Skittles" on the notepad.
Shot to his watch.
Predator: It's 30 minutes away, I'll be there in 10.
Predator hangs up phone.
Music ends.
1960's Batman cutaway, Predator style.
nine minutes thirty-seven seconds later...
Shot at Predator running down the street, with his arm out Superman like.
Shot at hand his ringing in door bell.
Opens the door.
Predator: Yoda!
Predator and Yoda do a 30 second long mixed-up hand shake, then Predator runs back outside and Yoda runs upstairs. When Yoda gets upstairs Predator is waiting for him and they finish there handshake.
Predator: Alright, alright. Where's the body?
Cutshot to the body.
Predator: Okay, you guys have any cleaning products?
Yoda shakes his head yes.
Predator: Alright what I need you guys to do is remove the body and clean up all of the blood while I go into your living room and watch So You Think You Can Dance.
Freddy and Yoda continue to drag the body away somewhere.
Santa: *mumbles* Where am I?
Predator: You're at Freddy and Yoda's house.
Santa: Oh yeah, I remember now.
Santa stands.
Santa: Wow, I'm pretty late.
Predator: We thought you were dead.
Santa: No, I just passed out. I have to go, I'll see you guys next year.
Predator: Next year? This isn't the first time you've done this huh?
Freddy and Yoda shake there head no.
We see Santa flying away.
Santa: Ho ho ho. Merry Christmas.
Predator: Well that was fun. I guess I'll see you guys some other time. Predator AWAY!
Predator runs off.
Jungle Boogie
As they watch him run off, Yoda turns around and walks torward the Christmas Tree and unwraps the one present. Yoda holds up the blow up punching bag. Freeze frame.
The End.
Freddy and Yoda are seen humping there new present as the credits roll.
Happy Holidays!

Okay, that script is over, this is the blog explaining it now. It should be mentioned that I usually color code my scripts, it's easier for me and the actors. It's color coded by characters, blogspot didn't carry it on though. In this Freddy and Yoda are light brown, Freddy is dark red, Yoda is green, Santa is Red and Predator is dark blue. Everything else is black. So why way this never made? First of all, I have know idea who would have played Santa or Predator. I suppose Dallas would have been Predator. Two, it would very difficult to make, impossible if we we're still talking about Santa Claus. Third, Freddy and Yoda vids usually show that they are home made and this vid would kind counter that. I can't remember if I talked about "Reborn" on here. If not I should eventually. But Reborn had the same problem. Fourth reason, which is the biggest, is that it wasn't funny. I thought over time it would change and become funny but it never did. Fifth reason is that with the Santa suit and the Predators mask it would have been EXPENSIVE. A lot of time, unproduced scripts by me are still cannon, but I'm not sure. Something in the future, may contradict this, you never know. Anywho, Happy Script Week!

EDIT: I should mention that we still do have a video called "A Freddy and Yoda Christmas". Yeah, we carried on the title.

Saturday, April 30, 2011


Hey! You! Yeah you! Hi. Okay, so I uploaded a lot of videos on to DailyMotion. Hopefully that was a smart decision. All of a sudden I forgot to spell decision, I hope I did it right. My problems so far is that for Film Reviews of 2008 Part 4 (the one with the dogs) it decided that it would be funny to have the thumbnail right when Dulce stands up and gives us a glimpse of.. you know. So I had to cut that out and I'm reuploading it right now. Also, Little Fight is under "explicit" which is weird to me. But I guess it makes sense. Also, it's only showing my first 8 vids on my page, which I hope will change. Depending how they are with copyright, I will upload the Haunting in Colorados, video game reviews, etc there also.

So next week is going to be Script Week! Yay! I will upload a script for a video (either made or never made) on here every day. And if I still have enough, the week after that will also Script Week Part Dos.

Now I'm pretty much talking about videos that you've already seen, I'll give you an update on upcoming videos. On Monday, Andreus and I will probably make a video commentary through phone of Bunny 2 and will release the day after, along with a behind the scenes look after. Then next weekend, we'll probably hang out and see Thor. There we'll probably make another Things That Hurt and another commentary. I was thinking of Zombie Nation but we're not sure. I promised him that we would make a commentary of a good movie after Cool as Ice, lets hope he forgot. Also, I wrote a script, I believe yesterday. It's awesome. You say, it goes back to our roots as it's kind of Haunting in Colorado esque in it's stupidness. But it's way more inappropiate than Haunting in Colorado. We'll probably have a censored version and an uncensored version. I'll do a read of it with Andreus when/if we hang out and see if he likes it. Only problem is it will probably need me, him and a camera man. I like Dallas, but it was a bitch getting Andreus to do Bunny 2 because when he's with Dallas all he can do is play Call of Duty. I was seriously pissed during the production of that. Hopefully, I can find another way.

- Pyros

Tuesday, April 36, 2011

Bunny 2 Outline

Bunny!!: The Squekquel
We see Thunder in bed sleeping. He slowly wakes up and rubs his eyes. He gets up and walks down stairs and gets some food out of the fridge. When he closes the door we see the bunny with a knife and slashes Thunder on his chest. Zoomed close in we see Thunder slowly wipe some blood off with his finger tips and then lick it off his fingers. Zoom out as he goes in to a martial arts stance. The bunny clutches Thunder's face and pushes him in to Aaron's room. When they are both there the bunny is now in the back of Thunder's head and repeatedly slams it in to the mirror. Thunder picks the bunny up by the ears, lassos him around and then throws him at the door (which is now closed for some reason). Thunder and the bunny now have an improvise fist fight until the Bunny drop kicks Thunder in the face into the excersise bike. Thunder falls down and sees a gun on the floor and picks it up. In slow motion Thunder aims and stand ups until he fires multiple bullets at Bunny, all of the missing. Brett walks in with the title under him "Newcomer: Brett the Ghost". Brett then gets caught in the crossfire and Thunder shoots him. Brett clenches his chest, falls to his knees, opens his mouth where bloods starts to drip out and then he falls to the floor. The two stop fighting.

Thunder: Brett? Brett? No. No!
Bunny: I'm.. I'm sorry.
Thunder falls to his knees
Thunder: What have we done?!
Bunny: This is your fault you know.
Thunder: (Crying) What are you talking about Willis? You're the one who moved out the way.
The bunny turns around.
Bunny: The year was 2007.

Flashback to a park where Thunder is having some cereal on a bench. The bunny floats up to him.
Bunny: Hey, is that Trix?
Thunder: You know it.
Bunny: Think I can have some?
Thunder: Silly rabbit, Trix are for kids.
Bunny: I hope you know, (voice lowers) this means war.
End flashback.

Thunder: I'm sorry, I didn't know it meant that much to you.
Bunny: It does.
Thunder stands up.
Thunder: If it ends this feud between us I'll give you some Trix. Deal?
Bunny floats up and shakes Thunder's hand.
Bunny: That's all I ever wanted.
Thunder and the bunny leave Aaron's room and go back to the kitchen.
Thunder goes in to the pantry and gets the Trix box. He then pulls a knife out of the box and throws it into the Bunny's forehead.
Thunder: Trix are for kids, mother fucker.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Top 9 Villains Cooler Than The Heroes (Text Version)

1. Star Wars
Which villain? I'll take all of the above. In my opinion, the highlight of Phantom Menace is the Darth Maul light saber fight with classic John Williams music. I can't even think of highlight moment of Attack of the Clones, possibly because it's awesome villainless. Revenge of the Sith, Jedi might win because I like Ewan MacGregor in it although I like General Greivous too and I like Yoda in it too. In Phantom Menace, he seems more puppet like that when he was actually a puppet but Revenge of the Sith changed that. And Anakin is such a pretty boy douche in it, but the original series Vader blows everyone away. Luke, Han, Jar Jar everyone.
2. Terminator from The Terminator
- I haven't seen Rise of the Machines or Salvation, and he's a good guy in Judgement Day but in the first one, it's Arnold Schartzenegger in his prime, playing a machine gun holding robot of course he's cooler than Sarah Connor. How many catch phrases does she have?
3. Joker from The Dark Knight
- I know I'm the first person to praise Heath Ledger's performance as the Joker, but it's such as interesting angle at such an interesting character and Heath pulls it off perfectly. And he's cooler that Batman, that's not an easy feat. It's not pussy Val Kilmer Batman, Christian Bale does I think I read 95% of his stunts. I don't know what I can say that hasn't been said.
4. Princess Azula from Avatar: The Last Airbender
- I like the protagonists and I like the first season of Avatar, but second season, which is when Azula started to take a big part, that's when I really got hooked. She has this obsession of power that makes her in my opinion the best fighter in the series. I mean without her bending, saying that she can kick ass is an understatement and with her bending, that's another story. She has her trademark blue fire and blue lightning, it's amazing. And at one point, I thought she couldn't get any cooler and she busts out this Iron Man style flight. Did I mention she's 17, and she can whup anyone in the series, possibly besides Aang because he's the Avatar and Toff.
5. Freddy Krueger from Nightmare on Elm Street
- Well what can I say that hasn't been said already with Michael Myers. Of course he's cool he's Freddy Krueger, but cooler that the protagonists? How fun would the Nightmare on Elm Street movies be if Freddy didn't kill any of the protagonists... That's what I thought.
6. Hades from Hercules
- First off I want to mention the color scheme of him and the underworld in this film. The shade of gray and blue that they use just gives me chills. James Woods brings this energy and the comedic charm that you would never expect to see in the God of the Dead and that's why it works is because it's different. I like the protagonist as well, but he is just Hercules mixed with a bright and colorful Disney Prince.
7. Michael Myers from Halloween
- Now we're getting to the ACTUAL villains. I don't think I have to really explain why he is cooler that the protagonists because the protagonists only exsist to show the awesomeness of villain. Sure, you can say it's a story about survival but I think for most of us, it's a story about Michael Myers stabbing people in the face. So this list can pretty much only be slasher villains but in my opinions characters like Leatherface or Billy from Black Christmas, they make the movie but I wouldn't necessarily call them cool. Not that I would call them lame, interesting is more of how I would describe them. Cool is how I would describe Michael Myers.
8. Michael Grates from Reality Bites
- Don't worry, I'll talk about actual villains in a bit, but I feel like I had to mention him because he had the same role that Lord Farquad plays in Shrek and Bradley Cooper's character plays in Wedding Crashers and I don't why. Where do I start? Okay, once again spoiler but Winona Ryder's character leaves Michael, Ben Stiller's character for Ethan Hawkes character. From start to finish Ethan's character is the personification of ass holiness, there is nothing likeable about him in the entire movie. And if you saw the reason why Ben Stiller's character was not worthy it's pretty stupid. And Winona's character isn't dumb, she's a bright person, she made a dumb mistake in my opinion. (Extra stuff: You can say, just because he's nice doesn't mean he connects with her, watch this. * Compare it to this. * I know, maybe the writer meant to do this because she wanted it to be realistic or different and that's fine, but.. it still doesn't stop me from hating the character.
9. Dragon from Beowulf
- Beowulf is kind of an arrogant douche (take that classic literatue). If you don't know, the dragon was pretty much minding his own business, just being a dragon. And then someone started to mess with him or her, so it started to use self defense. So Beowulf wanted to show how awesome he is and (spoiler) Beowulf died because of it. And to be honest, I was kind of glad, I know I'm not supposed to feel that but I did. So I kind of like the dragon more because he more of a sypathetic character and plus, he's a dragon.

Disclaimer: I have not seen all movies ever and this is my opinion. That being said this is my Top 9 Villains Cooler That The Heroes

Honorable Mentions
Almost any slasher, because they are usually more interesting than cool. (Jason)
Silence of the Lambs antagonists, see above.
Dr. Doom (although in the movie he's a dick wipe)
Family Guy villains
Shadow the Hedgehog
Skeletor (probably cooler than He-Man actually, but I'm not familiar enough with the mythology to put him on my list)

Sunday, April 10, 2011


I feel like it has been too long since I've made a blog entry. So that's exactly what I shall do. I don't really have anything of substance today but oh well. So the last video that was released was 2010 Reviews: Part 2. I don't have much to say about it but I plan to release an uncut version as soon as I run out of videos to upload (which I don't have any at the moment). And when I say uncut, it's still going to censor Thunder's brothers name, but it won't have any other edits. And I hope this is obvious but I know that the anonymous sign doesn't really block out his face and it blocks out the movie titles, that was part of the joke. I hope it came across. So tomorrow or Monday I plan on making a video without Andreus. It's a Top 9 video so I won't really need him. Next time he comes over we'll probably do another Things That Hurt and another commentary. Even though I haven't blogged in a while I feel like I said that already. But if Aaron comes over too then we'll do Bunny 2 which I hope will be released on Easter. For the special video I've been talking about (or I think I have) I'll bring it up to Ghost Hunter when I see him on Thunder's birthday party (whenever that's going to be) and I'll bring it up to cast member Greg next time I get a chance. And after Bunny 2, I was thinking about gutting Haunting in Colorado 3 and doing a fresh start on it. And in case if you've been wondering if we've been working on it this whole time.. no. No, we have not. Next thing on the schedule that I haven't mentioned is another video game review, which I hope to do a completely different, interesting take on, if I can convince Andreus to cooperate. After those, in May is scheduled for our first music video. It should be easy to make, I would rather just do other stuff first. Unlike most of the music videos I want to to, this will have already exsistent background music, so that's why it should be easy.
- Pyros

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Citizen of Earth

Okay, I can't go on normally until I adress Coco's death. She was a G and we will miss her. But video wise, that means no more Coconator videos :( I can't remember if posted this here already but we (and when I say we, I mean Preston) are starting to use our Twitter account Follow us if you use Twitter, I don't know anybody in my life that uses Twitter, I only know of people who use it as a celebrity (or celebrityish) thing, but if you have a Twitter account you can follow us for updates and crap. Speaking of updates we have a new vid, check it out if you haven't already I have been uploading a video every Wednesday, but I'm going to switch to Tuesdays. Sundays and Wednesdays are when it appeared to be have a video drought in my subscription box but BeyondTheTrailer is uploading a couple videos every Wednesday now so that space is filled, but Tuesday seems pretty empty. Next Tuesday should be the second part of the Cool as Ice commetary and unless we record another video then the Tuesday after that will be the last part. I've been watching a lot of this channel HellfireComms lately and that's what made me want to do my own commentaries. The thing about HellfireComms is it has the main commentator NTom64 and a guest commentator as well, so it was more conversation like, which I've never seen before in Let's Play videos. I gave Thunder the option between three movies to review, Cool as Ice, The Last Song starring Miley Cyrus and the Spy Next Door which he chose the first one. The next commentary will most likely be Nightmare Before Christmas unless we change our mind. The Cool as Ice commentary is a tiny bit choppy because we had to record it with my camera in seperate parts but now we have microphones so we can record directly to the computer. So I was cleaning up my office which included cleaning out several of my notebooks and I stumbled upon a list of humorous Paper Mario sequel name suggestions that Andreus and I made a while ago and had completely forgotten about. So I read through them and I laughed my ass off and that is the story of our new video. Next on our schedule is Things That Hurt #13 and very special video but to honest that one probably won't happen any time soon. Kris (The Ghost Hunter) has a part in it, as he'll be at Thunder's birthday so I can talk to him about it. Thunder's birth day was March 12th by the way but his party is the 28th or something. As for Things That Hurt #13, I'm sure we'll do that next time Thunder hangs out at my house.
- Pyros

Edit: Even though Things That Hurt #12 and "special video" is next on the schedule, making the Bunny!! sequel is at the highest priority. I wrote a screenplay which is EPIC by the way.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Arnold Sings

I was going to explain this whole situation in a simple tweet. But I have way more than 140 characters to say. 6 hours. Over 6 hours of sitting here and listening to a Lady Gaga song. I personally don't really mind Lady Gaga, just like I didn't mind Brittany Spears, but we had Manson, Korn and Nirvana to keep a balance. But that's neither here or there. I chose this song because it's been number 1 on the iTunes charts for a while. I was planning on doing this, Need You Now by Lady Antesomething since it won the Grammy for best song and Iron Man by Black Sabbath to celebrate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 being released today. To I didn't know it would take 6 hours per song. It took a couple hours for a failed version and the rest for the final version. What angers me the most is that it took longer to edit than any video for a vid around 3 and a half minutes, and it's only okay. Plus, I messed up a lot, which I guess it would make since for Arnold to mess up because men in their 60's usually aren't familiar with Lady Gaga songs. It's not really a waste because next time around I plan on having a smoother editing process. I might make a song once a week. Now that I got all of that stuff off of my mind I should explain wtf I'm talking about. I made a channel called ArnoldSings on YouTube a while ago and I finally uploaded a video on it. Well it's not uploaded yet because YouTube is performing maintenence, but it's all edited and crap. Right now it's nice to listen to my Guns N Roses instead of that one song. Although Lady Gaga is better than most musical "artists" today. Sorry for bad spelling and grammar on here, I just wanted to make this blog fast
- Pyros

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

2010 Reviews

Where should I start? I first wanted to a video called At Thou Movies with Jesus and Satan. I even practiced doing a shit Israeli accent. But I wanted to make it soon before it's irrelevant, and I didn't know where to get a good wig/fake beard, cheap and fast so we just made what you see. In case you watched it with annotations (through Blip or on a phone) it said that movies like The Social Network, The King's Speech and I Love You, Phillip Morris are all on my Netflix list. So are Planet Hulk (for me), The Other Guys, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World and I'm sure a couple others. The camera man was Dallas (Aaron in our videos) which is the first time we didn't have a single shot in a review. I don't know why he insisted on doing Citizen Kane shots on me but whatever. The original cut of this was over 14 minutes, just a fun fact. Also, there is random shots where it is black and white, I just thought it looked cool and different, especially when there is a colored font or annotation over it. I probably would of done it for the whole vid but then Thunder would get pissy over it. Also for our last review, we showed a trailer over lapping us talking, that's actually what I wanted in 09 Reviews: Part 1 but that didn't really work out. And if that Jesus and Satan vid worked out, I imagined that we had a lot more of that. It was kind of a That Guy With the Glasses (any many others of course) technique and I pulled it off for one review so maybe I can for longer in future reviews. I also want to mention that we filmed it on Monday (which we had off of school), I edited it on Tuesday and of course I released today (Wednesday). I've been releasing PyrosThunder videos on Wednesdays because none of my subscriptions do that. It's usually Friday or Saturday or some other day just to seem different but no Wednesdays. I'm a nerd, what the f**k am I supposed to do on Wednesdays then? I think that's all I have to say, BYE

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Have I shared our message board on here? I'll do it again just incase

I also wanted to share some Freddy and Yoda links:

I've never posted them before because I don't really know how to use them that well. I mean I know all the technically stuff, but what the hell am I supposed to write? And even if I did know, we have no audience. I don't know eventually we'll do something. Also, Stu the Ninja has a Myspace for some reason

We're in what I can consider right now a video drought, but next week, we should have a video every week for a while. No promises, but it doesn't seem hard.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 Compilation

Here is a compilation I made of all the videos we made for PyrosThunder. I've seen a lot of YouTubers do this lately so I thought I might as well give it a shot. As a brief video update, Andreus did not come over this weekend, so haven't shot any thing lately. But I have thought of some more cool ideas.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

09 Reviews: Part 1 (Full)

I know it's kind of a cop out for a video, but it wasn't meant to be three seperate videos when me made it, and now that we can have videos longer than 15 minutes, why not? I'm not going to feature the video or anything though, since we already uploaded it. Episode 2 was just a thumbnail before and now you can see the video, so I guess that's a plus. My hair is so bad, because I was thinking of not even showing us and just showing clips and pictures, with our voices overlapping but that didn't really work out. Although I did edit out the Fanboys, Wonder Woman, and alot of the Watchmen (including Tales of the Black Freighter) reveiw out. If I was watching, I wouldn't care, so I don't think anyone else will either. I did do a little more advanced editing, like I cut out some "umm.." "anyway..." and awkward silences. HAPPY FVCKING NEW YEAR!!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Project for Awesome/Coco Christmas

I don't have much to says for these videos so this post should be short. Both of these videos are pretty short and they don't have anything fancy and new so they were easy to make. They're not getting a good start on views which kind of sucks. Anywho, Happy Holidays to everyone. There's a PyrosThunder message board now at I'm not expect them to fill up any time soon, but it's there if anyone needs to talk to us. There was supposed to be a Freddy and Yoda Christmas video, it may still happen but I don't know. If it happens after New Year's it would seem pretty stupid. It's Winter Break, so I guess it's a possibility I'll see him by then. And scheduled after that is a special Film Reviews, it will be pretty cool. Then there is going to be an advertisement. I can't be too specific for either of them, but I can you tell that I will actually have to ACT for both of them. Hopefully I won't suck too much balls.


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cocoa Reviews Predators

I know there is something to be said with the vid. I'm not quite sure what. Well this is the first video that Cocoa is in. She is technically my aunt's dog but my aunt lives down stairs in my house. And Cocoa likes my chihuahua that we've been seeing in videos since Haunting in Colorado, so she is up here most of the time. I saw Predators with Andreus and but I wanted to make the vid/had some ideas for the vid before that. It was pretty easy and quick to write, but it was a bitch to edit. To nobody's fault but my own, I added a bunch of unnecessary crap and I didn't really do it chronilogical order for some reason. If anybody read this, they would ask, "Hey Pyros, do you plan on doing another Cocoa Reviews"? The answer is I don't know. It's cool that I don't need anybody else, but I don't know if I'll come up with enough ideas for another one. But if I do, great, you would be seeing another one. I believe that's all I have to really say. Oh yeah, I can talk about upcoming videos. Well next is two Freddy and Yoda videos, in which I hold my breath too much for. Then for December (the F&Y vids were scheduled for November) is a thing for Project for Awesome which I hope we can do. We should have recorded it last week but I forgot. And then there's a Freddy and Yoda Christmas in store. The November vids I don't mind stalling but the December vids we HAVE to do by December. I just moved the November vids to November because there was room. We released THREE vids in November so it's all good. Plus Christmas is coming soon. Yay! And I'm BARELY at the age where I gain from Christmas and don't have to spend anything, besides for my mom and dad, and possibly for Andreus because he's like my brother. In case you didn't know he is my cousin and so is Dallas (Aaron). Kris (Ghost Hunter) and Jeffy are Andreus' friends (although I'm cool with them too). So sweet, you learned something. Mission accomplished. Bye.

Monday, December 6, 2010

BONUS BLOG Natural Born Killers Review

Right now it is 12:30 PM and I have to be back to school at 1:20 PM. I have to leave a little after 1:05 so I have about 23 minutes to this blog. And I will probably upload it tomorrow. First, I want to say my review of Natural Born Killers by Oliver Stone. I usually can't really give full length reviews but this movie does give me a lot to talk about. Then, I quickly want to talk about a dream I had yesterday. I'll tell you why later. Then, I want to give a brief video update. This is Pyros typing this by the way, I can't really remember if I said this, but I will be making all of these blogs, unless if said otherwise. Andreus isn't really the type of guy who would do stuff like this. So Natural Born Killers... where should I start? I'll start by recommending the film, although I probably won't say any spoilers or anything. I'm recommending it because I would imagine that even if you do not really enjoy the film, you would still be glad that you saw the film. That usually would not be the case, but some of styles of this film are so different that any other movie, that it puts you through a unique experience, good or bad. This movie is fully deserving of it's Rated R and should be seen by the faint of heart. In terms of violence, sex, language, drugs, etc. it's just a basic R film, no big deal. But it's just the unexplainable tone that makes the film some what hard to take. I want to briefly move to the cast. All of the actors are good, it's just because of everything else in films that it's hard to really pay any attention to that. One stand out is Robert Downey Jr., which is of course of his Australian accent in this. I've seen him to that accent before in Tropic Thunder, but it's still a different character obviously. Woody Harrelson and Juliette Lewis play the couple of Killers. Robert plays the host of a TV show that focuses on history's mass murderers. Tommy Lee Jones plays the warden of the prison that Micky (Harrelson) and Mallory (Lewis) Knox are sent to. And Rodney Dangerfield plays Mallory's abusive father who is eventually killed by Micky. There is of course plenty of more cast members but these are the most famous. It is now 12:50. Now this movie is... different, to say the least. But different can be good or bad. Let's say for example Kubrick's Clockwork Orange which is obviously a classic, and I wouldn't be surprised if this was one of NBK's inspirations. It's a classic because it is f*cked up, and it's different that anything we've ever seen. And we've never many things that are in NBK and that isn't anywhere near classic status. I haven't really heard about it most of my life and I was only around 12 when this film came out. It must be a cult classic with a very hidden cult. This movie has the Wikipedia pages of the movie (of course), soundtrack (pretty common, characters and copycat killers. Usually the only movies to get it's own page for characters if it's a series of movies, probably with some exceptions like Citizen Kane and Apocalypse Now. And the copycat killer page... some movies list one or two cases where someone took the movie's message to far, but this has it's own PAGE. I think this part is what interested me in watching this movie. I've heard about the movie, like the movie is loosely based of a script by Quentin Tarantino. Oliver Stone mentioned it in an interview with Jimmy Fallon, and Craig Ferguson interviewed someone related to the film, I can't remember who at the moment. I have to go to school, I'll finish this blog when I get home.

I'm back! Anywho, Craig Ferguson was saying that the movie was hard to watch or something and on Fallon they were talking about Dangerfield. It's hard to get back in the flow of talking about the movie, once I've been gone for so long.

Okay I left again and now I'm tired :( So the movie tries to say that the media is bad mmkay. Goddammit where do I start? Okay so on TV there is a bunch shows that mentions Micky and Mallory. This pretty much gives more fuel for Mick and Mall I guess you could say. And because of this, they a gain a group of supporters. I'm not sure who they are supposed to represent, are they not supposed to represent anything and it's literal? Are they supposed to represent me and you? Are they supposed represent the writers? I'm not sure. I'm assuming this movie is anti-killing, because people are. Halloween isn't pro-killing, Michael Myers killer people to thrill the audience, not to be their idol. So it's anti-killing, and it's saying that the media is used to encourage killing I guess. If I'm not wrong, movies are a type of media, and this movie apparently inspired a lot of killing if as said before, it has it's own PAGE of copycat killings. I just find that ironic. So overall, I'll rate this movie a 3.5 I need to mention that I'm tired right now and I want this up on BlogSpot by today, so I won't fix most of the many mistakes I'm sure I made. I would but this blog is long, and it's pretty much just a bonus blog so it's not worth it. So I'm on teh interwebz now and it apparently came out in 1994. I think I said that I thought it came out in 2002, so I was off pretty far. If anybody cares the Rotten Tomatoes rating is 51% and Roger Ebert's rating is a suprising 4 Stars. I would see the At The Movies review but they took down the website for whatever reason. I said I would talk about my dream but I don't really want to now, it's been too long. The basics of it is there are two mutants, the X-Men kind. One of them is played by an older Jessica Alba and the other is a male. So they go to see a movie when the theatre is closed, they do this with their powers. Eventually a bunch of anti-mutant people try to break into their showing room, with torches to make them more angry mobish. When they leave from the fire filled room, they see a woman tied up and duck taped. They bring her with. There is a scene in a weird city enviroment, a man asks the mutant for some spare change and he does so we can see that he is very nice, probably to prove that not all mutants are bad. With the woman they rescued, they look in a newspaper for any "Missing Ads" that might have her in it. That's all I really feel like talking about, mostly because it's been 10 hours since the dream and I need to write 'em down when they're fresh. The reason for stating this is because in the blog that I used to have, I used to get my thoughts out, so naturally when I have a vivid dream, I blog about it. Actually the blog happened to be called "dreamblog". That and so I can fill in space in this Blog Entry :D Now a brief video update. I wrote a script for a short video Saturday night. I was planning on recording it tonight, by mom says that she was sick so she stayed home from work. It's hard to work on videos when my mom is here. So I probably will record it tomorrow (Tuesday) and upload on Wednesday. I keeping this brief because I usually type a blog when a video releases. So I'll dig into video related stuff more when I upload the video hopefully on Wednesday. I belief that's all I have to say for now.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Video Game Reviews of 2009

Okay, so I think I'll post an entry on here everytime I upload a video onto PyrosThunder. So last video we did was our Video Game Reviews of 2009, which we recorded either Saturday or Sunday but I uploaded it today (November 8th 2010 just incase it doesn't tell you). Here is the video And here is somewhat of a bonus video, which is unscripted and real, of Andreus T-Bagging his cousins from his stepdads side.We originally had Prince music in the background, but I forgot about how big Prince's ego is (hint: big enough for him to call himself Prince), so we had to reupload it without the music or else it would be completely mute. It's called Halloween T-Bagging because it was recorded really late on the 30th, so late it was technically the 31st of October. Extra info is that Andreus' family friend Dylan was the camera man for the video, I am unable to keep giggles in, so I would of laughed, which is why I wasn't involved. I wish I had more to say, but to be honest, we didn't work really hard on either video, as you can probably imagine. Up next on the video schedule, it 2 Freddy and Yoda videos and a special review, I can't really be specific. Buh biiii.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

First Blog Entry
Hello, this Pyros (Preston Barkley) from PyrosThunder. I'm assuming you're reading this because you're familiar with our YouTube videos. If you found this some other way, and you're not familiar with us, please check out our YouTube at We actually just uploaded a video today We make comedy skits, music vids, movie and video game reviews, a whole bunch of stuff. Anyway, I used to blog at but that didn't work out so I'm going to start blogging here. That was a personal blog, and this will be for our videos. This is my first time using BlogSpot and it's pretty cool so far, so this probably won't be the last time I use this site. Anyway, thanks for visiting :)
- Pyros