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Weekly Review 12/17/11 (Let Me In, The Runaways and Resident Evil: Apocalypse)

PT Vids celebrate the holidays by watching movies about vampires, zombies, drugs and pedophilia. Good times.

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So Thunder revealed the very ending of the film in which Abby kills the bullies who tormented the protagonist throughout the film. I'm actually very surprised this ending didn't make the film more controversial. Maybe it wouldn't in Sweden (which the book this was based off of was written) but with all of the school shootings in the U.S. I can't believe it didn't cause any controversy. Especially since Abby is shown in a somewhat protagonist light. But I suppose with films like the Saw franchise and The Human Centipede around and somewhat popular, it's difficult to make controversy in film now a days.

Friday, Nov 25, 2011

Sonic Generations Review

I need to read some of my past blogs, because all I have to say is that we recorded stuff and soon I will record/edit other stuff. A proper video should be up on PyrosThunder Monday. Ish. It's Haunting in Colorado like. I'll edit part of it if iMovie stops being a dick leak and talk to a guest star in our next skit tomorrow. I might post some pics from the short as well. So yeah, I'm not to good at blogging anymore so bye.

Thursday, Oct 27, 2011

Sonic the Hedgehog

Hey everyone. It's been a while, I will make an update blog very soon but first I want to post this before I forget. It's a blog about Sonic the Hedgehog from a while back. A series that Thunder and I are both pretty fond of. It's for the 20th anniversary, I'll be posting a review for the 10th anniversary on ThundersPyro in a couple days. I was going to state my updated opinion of what I said in the blog now, but I said a lot so maybe some other time. So here it is, see you in a couple days.

" Today is August 13th. I thought I would write this early. So this November is going to be Sonic Month at PyrosThunder! There will be three Sonic videos to celebrate Sonic's 20th anniversary game "Sonic Generations". Sonic is my favorite video game series because it is one of the few that I don't mind playing by myself. As seen in our video game reviews, Freddy doesn't review much because I only really play games as a social thing. And when I buy games, I usually get ones that are a low price. So I like the original series of 16-bit games, but I don't play them much because I prefer games where you can save. For the ones that you can save, I'll retry them when I get my Sonic Mega Collection.

The Adventure games are great, SA2 being my favorite Sonic game if we're not counting Super Smash Bros. Brawl. It's really the introduction to these characters, as we've seen hints at their personality, but we never have seen them express it the way they do in the games until the Dreamcast came out. Knuckles was personally my favorite character until Sonic Heroes afterwords, which I will no doubt bitch about in one of the vids. And these games are great ways that they told their story. Before I go on to far, I should say for basically all Sonic games, the music is awesome. Probably the best in gaming. While I have my Sonic music playlist open in the other window, I guess I'll link you to it. So the Adventure games are no near perfect with Big and the glitches (a remake could be nice), but they are still great. Then came Heroes. Bleh. Okay so the gameplay is okay I suppose. And the music remains good but why does it make you be 12 characters? That's too many! And it makes you play the same exact game pretty much four times. If it were up to me, there would be Team Sonic and Team Shadow, with completely different stages. Team Rose and Chaotix can be bonus stories. I will make a video about the random fights which will summarize how I feel about those. And all the characters are as bland as fart. And Tails sounds like he's voiced by a 5 year old. I will make a video about the Shadow game, but in short that's retarded too.

Sonic Rush is good so far, it's fan approved so it will probably be approved by me. I don't have a DS, Thunder does, and it happens that the triggers are broken when I need them. None of the triggers for ANY of my others systems are broken, but I don't need the triggers for any of my other systems. Inconvenient. I'm pretty sure that I don't have to mention Sonic 2006. But it erased itself from time, so that was nice of them. Gameplay wise is actually my main problem with Sonic and the Secret Rings. But I'm watching a playthrough of it now, and I can tell besides that it's pretty good. Haven't played Chronicles yet. Okay, so after all of these "epic" story based games that have failed, Sega wanted to take it back a notch with Sonic Unleashed with a Pixar like story telling. Which is actually fine with me, I don't mind either type. But apparently the gameplay for the Werehog was boring so they decided to take it back MORE of a notch with the story telling for some reason with Sonic Colors. On our Twitter, I gave Sonic Colors still a pretty good score because it has good music and very good gameplay. But it's still missing that great of story telling. It wasn't frustrating like Heroes and Shadow, it was just okay. And I'm glad that I'm Sonic and it isn't forcing 12 characters not including the villains down my throat, but having some characters isn't a bad thing. It's still part of a larger story, so it's fine if it has recurring characters to develop over time.

Sonic and the Black Knight is a fine example. It has a good cast without shoving way too many characters in to our face. And Knuckles and Shadow, characters that Sega have had trouble getting right since SA2, are portrayed great here. I'm listening to some music from it right now and it has one of the best soundtracks of the series. You really get what you want from Sonic's character development and in my opinion Jason Griffith does the best job voicing him in this in the whole series. And the gameplay is fun and it gives you a hell of a workout sometimes. Maybe that's why it was panned. They say it's because of unresponsive controls, but I have Wii Motion Plus so maybe i didn't get that as much as some people. And if I did, that's just the Wii. It's the first system to have something like this so it's not perfect. The game using the features of it's system is a pretty lame reason to get rid of the great story telling in Sonic games that made me love the series so much. The levels aren't as memorable and the rating system is shit in my opinion, but I feel like it is a real under rated game that is becoming a bit of a cult classic. So the next game is Generations, which I'm not expecting much a story from which is fine. It's just Sonic, old and new, going through everyone's nostalgia for the 20th anniversary which sounds cool. But after that, I'm excited to see what Sonic Team comes with. I usually end my blogs with updates, but I don't know what updates there will be for videos in November. So.. bye.

- Pyros"

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Top 10 Movies of 2010

10. I Love You Phillip Morris
9. Batman: Under the Red Hood
8. How to Train Your Dragon
7. Iron Man 2
6. Predators
5. The King's Speech
4. Inception
3. Harry Potter 7
3. The Social Network
2. Kick-Ass
1. Toy Story 3

10. Book of Eli
9. I Love You, Phillip Morris
8. Rubber
7. Iron Man 2
6. Harry Potter 7
5. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
4. How to Train Your Dragon
3. Kick-Ass
2. Inception
1. Toy Story 3

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Superman/Batman: Public Enemies Review

Wow, I haven't even started this entry yet and I'm already spelling like shit. Luckily, my new MacBook has auto spell check. So on our Twitter account, I gave a very brief review (which is the point of Twitter) of the animated movie "Superman/Batman: Public Enemies" and I said I would give my full review of it today. So here I am. I have way over 140 characters to say about this movie. While I'm not limited, I'll give a little background. This film is directed by Sam Liu, the director of other animated comic book movies such as Planet Hulk, Thor: Son of Asgard, All-Star Superman and the co-director of Hulk vs and Justice League: Crisis of Two Earths.

This is probably the best animated movie from Marvel or DC I have ever seen. It's one of those movies that are so good, that after, I had to pace back and forth back in my room and think about how awesome it was. So the plot is Lex Luthor becomes the president of the United States. Although his voters are somehow unaware, the audience of this knows that nothing good can come from this. So he frames Superman of a crime and sends a warrant for his arrest and eventually a one billion dollar bounty. So almost all super heroes and super villains are after Kal-El besides Batman, who is already a billionaire. Not that he would sell his friend anyway. The relationship between these two icons is the best part of the movie. And a superhero movie is doing something right if there is something good besides the action and explosions. Bruce and Clark exchange a lot of witty buddy cop banter and it is hilarious. And one point, Superman calls Bruce his best friend. How can I explain this, it's just great. One problem (a very minor one) is that all the males in this, pretty much look the same. For some reason, everyone has a perfectly chiseled Jon Hamm jaw. Sometimes in these animations, my younger cousins thinks that Bruce Wayne is Superman when he doesn't have his cowl.

I usually think Lex Luthor is a pretty "meh" villain. I don't think I've ever seen anything where he developed enough and it's always seems unrealistic that he just doesn't stay in prison and somehow he keeps getting his power back, even though everybody would know of how evil he is and not trust him. I suppose it's unrealistic that he would become president in this, but it's forgiven because he is a good villain in this. I would tell you why, but that would probably lead this over into spoiler territory. Also, most or all of the voice cast from the 90's DCAU returns, which is pretty neat. I will rate this 4.5 out of 5 stars. I wasn't really expecting much because I don't really like a lot of this centuries' DC animated movies, but this one is great.

Tiny video update: So 2010 Reviews: Part 3 is recorded. Those should be up Monday and the Monday after next (it'll be a two parter obviously). Unless if Kris comes over, Thunder and I will probably record a little skit this Monday or Tuesday. Thanks for reading!

- Pyros

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Updating and Dolphin Fisting

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